Life is an Initiation on the Path of the Soul

We all come into this life with a path to walk. Sometimes this path is not so clear, and many of us do not figure it out until later in life. Others go through life not even thinking about it at all. Life is calling you. It wants you to express who you are with the world. We each have a unique story to share with the world and our communities.

Soul Path Initiation:

There are three basic pillars for Soul Path – Authenticity, Empowerment, and Love.

Authenticity – This describes the process of aligning with our true selves. Aligning with our authenticity means letting go of those values, beliefs, or paradigms that do not align with the way we want to live in the world. Authenticity is about standing tall with who you are and shining your own unique light. This is the true you that wants to shine, but may be too afraid to.

Empowerment – This is a struggle between power and force. How do we development ourselves sustainably? How we do develop power by being empowered to have the fuel necessary to do the work that can be expressed by the heart in a loving way. Developing our own sense of power can be difficult. This is not about the ego or taking control or using force. This is about bringing the universal power within and letting it shine through you. As with Authenticity, we need to stand tall and feel the power that each one of us brings into this world and honors that power.

Love – This is about love and action. How do we bring love into the world? How do we act upon this? How do we have love for ourselves? Developing self-love is crucial part of walking our sacred journey. It is easy to beat ourselves up over little things and not give ourselves enough credit. To walk our Soul Path, we need to cultivate self-love, love & kindness, and compassion, and channel these into real-life action – bringing it to the world!

Why would anyone want to know what their soul path is?

Michelle: I think a lot of people are feeling this need right now. People are feeling awakening happening. People are going through more spiritual emergence processes and some are becoming emergencies. And we are noticing what is happening with the ecosystems, to our economy, and to our political systems. There is so much going on that it is crying out for evolution of consciousness and for the new paradigm that is being birthed in the world right now.

You know you have these gifts and you can feel it, and the questions you have are, “How do I bring them out to the world? How do I build structures around that? Especially if they are structures that are not necessary found in the dominant paradigm. How do you build something new? And how do we build something new when we do not even know what that is yet?”

Michelle uses astrology as a tool for understanding the soul Path. Michelle looks at Chiron, the lunar nodes, and the midheaven. Check out the template below:


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