Template for Astrological Soul Path Initiation

Kyle and Michelle talk about Soul Path, and how to find one's life purpose. Michelle looks over both of our birth charts to help describe her step-by-step process of working with individuals with discovering their life's purpose. Hope everyone enjoys this mini webinar! 

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Michelle Anne Hobart, MA is a practitioner of energy medicine and holistic health educator. She holds a BS in Biology, and an MA in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness. Currently, she is doing coursework in Integral Counseling Psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies. Michelle is an advocate for the Neurodiversity movement and a certified Spiritual Emergence Coach. She supports sensitive, empathic people whose gifts and experiences have been judged or oppressed and who are in the process of reclaiming and recovering their self-care, power, and personal truth. Michelle offers workshops, retreats, support groups, and one-on-one sessions. 
Check out Michelle's book, Becoming Sacred Space at http://www.becomingsacredspace.com/