Spirit Animal: Peacock


Keywords: Wholeness, Death & Rebirth, Life Foundation, Watchfulness, Self-Confidence

The Peacock is part of the Phasianidae family, which includes other birds like pheasants, partridges, the Old World Quail, and chickens. The Peacock is a beautiful colored bird, shining glowing with Iridescence green and blue feathers. The "train" of the peacock has feathers that resemble eyes. This represents the different ways of seeing. It also suggests the ability to look/see into the past and future. Vision and watchfulness is an important aspect of the peacock. Great healers have the ability to see into a clients past to detect root causes of illness or distress and also foresee what the future has in store. 

Like the phoenix, the peacock rises up out of the ashes or the funeral pyre. This imagery represents death and rebirth and symbolizes resurrection. This could point that one who encounters the peacock in a dream, vision, or real life might be experiencing a death and rebirth phase. What do you need to let go of? What role are you trying to step into? What new part of yourself is trying to emerge out of the ashes? What are the things that are not serving you anymore and holding you back? 

Peacock reassures us that it is important build our self-confidence. As we emerge from the ashes, and experience a rebirth, we may feel vulnerable and weak, but this is not true. You are stronger than before and it is important to step into the new role with confidence. With this new role and self-confidence will come a new dimension of respect. 

The peacock shows off its feathers and dances to attract a mate. This is a good reminder that it is ok to show off our beauty with the world. This beautiful dance is what creates life. The confidence of the peacock also emphasizes that these creatures are strong leaders and stand up for what they believe in. Have you ever seen a peacock attack people or cars? It is real! 


Peacocks have an interesting call. Some might find it to be annoying or ugly, but at the same time the peacock sounds like it is laughing. Peacock medicine reminds us to laugh at the things in life and not to take life too seriously. We need to relax, dance, laugh, and show off our beauty, external as well as our internal beauty. 

Feet are also another important aspect of the peacock. Ted Andrews (2013) suggests that anyone that has a peacock as a totem should consider studying the feet and reflexology of the feet. The feet symbolize our support system and the foundation to our life. Are you standing tall with confidence? Is your foundation strong or does it need a little work? Research the symbolism and mysticism of the feet. 

Lastly, the peacock represents wholeness and reminds us to come back to the center. We are all whole to begin with. Sometimes we just get lost on our journey and have to come back to the center to readjust and re-vision our life. If you feel unbalanced or ungrounded, it may be a good time to come back home to the center of your being and vision your dreams and aspirations for the future. Peacock will help assist you. 

A Meditation: 

If peacock has come into your life, whether in real life, through a dream, or in a vision it might be useful to meditate with peacock. While in meditation, call upon peacock to guide you. 

Ask yourself some questions: 

What is the foundation of your life like? Do you have a strong support system? Are your feet flat on the ground and able to support you? Do you need to make any changes? 

What are you trying to let go of? Is there something inside of you that is trying to rise up? Do you want to step into a new role or identity? What is not serving you anymore? 

What is your definition of beauty? Are you confident? Are you struggling with your own internal or external beauty? 

Are you laughing and dancing enough in life? Are you being cautious and watchful? 

Ask Peacock assist you through this process and let your breath guide you!