Are You A Conscious Warrior?


People are like tea bags.  You find out how strong they are when you put them in hot water.”  Anonymous. (Arrien, 1993).  

Universal Change

The world is undergoing tremendous change. We are seeing this on all levels -- with political tensions high and the Middle East at constant war to the warming of the Earth with potentially dangerous and irreversible consequences. The world is changing and there is little we can do about it if we continue down the same path. Some believe that we are going through the cycle of Kali Yuga, a dark age with much turmoil, disease, war, and death. Others believe that 2012 was the kickoff of a change in consciousness and the marker of time when humans begin to awaken to a higher level of consciousness. While there has certainly been quick change from 2012 till now, this all is of course, speculative.

Since the world, the actual planet and human culture, is going through tremendous change and turmoil, the outcomes seem uncertain. With this uncertainty, it seems crucial that this is the time to act and get grounded. While some believe that technology will save us, others believe that it might destroy us. To some extent, we are already seeing this – with all of the computer hacks, the spread of fake news and misinformation, and other issues that may not be well-known or researched at this time.

I believe it has a crippling effect on relationship development and more. This is just from observation of working with at-risk teenagers who admitted to trying to commit suicide or engage in self-harm because of not being able to connect with people face-to-face or because of the misinformation and rumors spreading like wildfire on social media platforms. It is definitely taking a toll on our youth. It fills them with a false sense of self and also a false sense of the world. Of course, there are positives to this as well. Many find and connect with people from around the world and share untold stories. We are also learning so much more about things that many of us never had exposure to. There is risk and benefit to it all. It just comes down to how we decide to use these powerful tools. 

With pipelines being pushed to be built and fossil fuels still ruling the world, the environment is at risk. The Native Americans have been holding their ground and fighting for their land and for the environment by stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline. There are so many social justice issues arising and people are beginning to step up and fight. Unfortunately, some of these social justice warriors are getting a bad name, but we need warriors. We need people who are going to stand up and fight for what they believe is right, for the betterment of tomorrow. While Americans are divided and the betterment of tomorrow means something different for everyone, it is important to approach these issues with a warrior mentality and with compassion.

Conscious Warriors

I am not talking about the warrior archetype that is out to save the world by defending through violence, I am talking about the warrior who stands with their two feet deeply rooted into the ground. A warrior that shows up and is present -- a conscious being. A warrior who respects all walks of life and is really concerned about the betterment of tomorrow and not just their own egoic cause or beliefs. A real warrior is one who serves two things – the people and the environment.

We need warriors, like those who stood their ground at Standing Rock, as these uncertain times continue. We do not need warriors who go out an conquer the world. We need warriors to stand their ground on their own turf. We need warriors who are going to stand up fight for peace, justice, and human rights, not warriors who fight against the people and the environment. These times are urgent, despite the fact that every time in history was probably urgent.

This is a call for people to turn inward and explore who they are, and to explore their relationship with the world and the universe. We need conscious warriors who want to create a future that is sustainable and forward moving -- a future that is not dominate by science or religion. A future that learns how to integrate and incorporate both ideologies – if that is even possible. This is the time of Saturn and Neptune -- integrating the dreamy illusions of life with what is real and concrete. We need to honor both sides of the coin. It is time to put our differences aside and bring any fear, anger, or sadness inside, and transmute those emotions into life.

If you are a conscious warrior, we need you. Your community needs you. Your family needs you. The world needs you.

It’s time to get involved in your community any way possible. I know that is hard to do, and I struggle with it myself, but this is going to be important as time moves on. It’s time to act smart and learn how to work with the system instead of against it. A teacher once said, “you could go off and do learn all of the esoteric knowledge and new age beliefs, but it is important to learn the oppressor's language.” Take time and learn the language of those who are oppressing you or your culture. This is not the time to drop out and pretend that everything is ok and the world will figure itself out, man.

Find your niche. What are you good at? What is the skill that you can contribute to your community? Discover that and really build on it. The world needs your uniqueness. You are a warrior! Go out there and create the change for the children of the world. They are depending on it. 



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