Awakening of the Divine Feminine: The Women's March

Millions of women marched together on Saturday, January 21, 2017, in Washington D.C. and all over the world. Around 500,000 participants just in Washington D.C. alone!

 The Women’s March was and is about raising the conversation of women’s rights as well as human’s rights. This great act, I believe, is a sign that the Divine Feminine energy of the world is awakening. Obviously, this is not the first time that women have fought for their rights, but the energy from the past few decades have been condensing into these moments – making it come back to life.

I see this wonderful event as the voice of Mother Earth and it represents that the Divine Feminine energy of Mother Earth is trying to speak to all of us.  

While I did not partake in a march on Saturday, I decided to enter the Belly of Mother Earth by hiking, drumming, and offering a little ceremony in the honor of all the women marching. I drummed, listened to the beat of Mother Earth, gave my thanks, and prayed for all the women in the world. As I listened to the whispers of Mother Earth, I jotted them down in a journal. Here are some thoughts:

As women march today, they march for the rise of the Divine Feminine. This is an act of Mother Earth and to acknowledge that she is still alive. Women create life. They are the sacred creators. They have the ability to create life and also to destroy it. Without women, humans could not go on. As men, we must respect our women – out grandmothers, mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters, daughters, friends, and nieces. The march on Washington is a sign that the Divine Feminine is rising up and developing their voice. It is coming out of the shadows.

For hundreds of years, men have ruled by holding the authority and power. This is not to say that, as men, we need to give out power up, but to accept and acknowledge the power of women and the feminine. I believe that this is the time of harmony – merging the two energies together, the masculine and the feminine. Many indigenous cultures and ancient civilizations lived in a very feminine world – being in harmony with the Earth and all the energies. Women of tribes held various roles. Some were warriors and fought alongside men on hunting trip. As Martin Prechtel mentions in one of his books, it was/is the job of the men to take care of the women, no matter how crazy they might seem from time to time. Women hold the power. In modern day societies that are ruled by Catholicism and Christianity, the Father rules the Earth by looking down upon us. Instead of practicing a religion or spirituality that believed Mother Earth was alive and breathing, these other religious organizations placed a supreme being into the heavens to look down upon us. Now is a time to integrate these two energies – embracing Father Sky and Mother Earth as one. We have been neglecting the Earth and her body for quite some time. It is time to respect her and her body. She is the one who nourishes us when we are hungry.

It is in the hands of men to open our ears and begin to listen to what the feminine is speaking. We must open up our eyes and see what she has to teach. We must put down our beliefs and put our egos away. Our Mother is calling us back home. It is as if we are like a child who suffers an amnesia, forgetting that our Mother is still there and forgetting what her voice sounds like. So, instead, we fight back out of anger and fear. We are alone, afraid to be held by this divine feminine force in the world. We pride ourselves that we can take care of ourselves and that we do not need our mother’s love anymore. We believe that we have grown, but in fact, the opposite is true. 

To all the women in the world – keep fighting the fight. Keep raising your voices and letting the world know that you will not back down. You deserve it! You are fighting for life. You are fighting for the Earth.

To all the men in the world – open your hearts. Open your ears. Listen to the women in your life. I mean, really listen to them. What are they subtly trying to teach you? What is this Divine Feminine energy whispering into your ears? Encourage the women in your life. Empower them. As intimidating and scary as that might sounds, they are the bearers of life. Stand behind them! Put your egos aside. They have something to teach us all.