Holotropic Breathwork: Pathways To Wholeness (Wanderlust Blog)

I recently had a three-part series published on www.wanderlust.com about the healing potential of breathwork. This series was broken down by my first experience with breathwork, the history and development of Holotropic Breathwork, and a daily practice. 

Holotropic Breathwork has been a huge part of my life and I attribute much of my deep healing to breathwork. If you want to read more about breathwork or check out the Wanderlust articles, click the photos below. 

I want to thank Wanderlust from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to share my story with their network, and also inviting me to share my wisdom and knowledge with others at their Stratton festival. It has been an amazing time leading hikes in Vermont for the past two summers, and I hope that my relationship with Wanderlust and the Wanderlust community continues to grow! Much love! 

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the series! :)

Part 1: Holotropic Breathwork: A Pathway to Wholeness

Part 2: I Relived My Birth Through Holotropic Breathwork

Part 3: The Transformative Power of Daily Breathwork

Thanks for reading! 

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