Spiritual Emergence


These past few weeks have been interesting to say the least.  There has been a lot of change going on and I wonder if the recent astrological events have been part of of the changes -- the full moon in Virgo or the eclipse in Pisces.  Whatever is going on in the sky or universe, it is powerful.  

I recently just wrapped up a 5-week online webinar that was facilitated by Emma Bragdon Ph.D.  The course was based around spiritual emergencies and extraordinary experiences.  Emma's online courses can be found at www.imhu.org/courses/ 

After the completion of this online course, participants have the opportunity to partake in a weekend practicum, which could lead to becoming a "spiritual emergence coach."  I hopefully will have the honor to participate in one of Emma's weekend practicums this summer. 

The topic of spiritual emergence is a topic that has a special place in my heart.  As I think about the development and growth of SettingSun, I believe that spiritual emergence will find a place within our services in the future.  Over the past few months I have stepped into the role of being a full-time student to pursue a degree in somatic psychology.  As my professional life continues to grow and blossom, the topic of "stepping into the role" keeps entering into my life in subtle ways.  I feel as if I am being called to share my story with people.  

The recent unfolding of events and a meeting with my teacher have been making me rethink what type of role I wish to step into, and how I will choose to step into it.  There is a part of me that wishes to share my parts of my story, while other parts are too nervous to.  Stepping into an authentic part of is like having an identity crisis.  It requires you to think differently about how you interact with the world and how you present yourself to others.  The old parts of self want to hang on, while the newer parts want to sprout up and emerge. It takes a lot of work to let some of those older parts go.  It is death and rebirth.  And who likes to experience something like that when everything is so comfortable and familiar?  I know for myself, with my moon housing in Taurus, I typically like familiarity because it helps keep me grounded.

As I am reflecting on the wonderful course in spiritual emergencies and the few ineffable life events that unfolded, I am finding myself feel the need to emerge and try something new!  It feels like there is a new chapter that is about to be born with SettingSun. And while I am not 100% sure which direction it will take or how things will manifest, I am excited to dream of the future possibilities.  This process feels like spiritual emergence.  The energy of the spirit feels like it is arising within the body and wishes to be manifested and expressed.  I am curious and excited to explore with all of you!