Enhance Your Life With Dreams

Dream Big, Act Small.  Dream Small, Act Big.  

How is your dream life? Is it active?  Can you remember your dreams? Are you not a dreamer? Do you ever write your dreams down? Let's talk about your dream life and how to use it to enhance your life.  

Dream have the power to create transformation in your life, but most people brush them off as... well, just "dreams."  How many times have you said or heard, "It was just a dream."  We don't give enough credit to our dream world.  

Fall/Autumn is upon us, and winter is just around the corner.  Naturally, as the days become shorter and colder, the dream world becomes much more active and alive. This is the perfect time to start paying attention to your dreams and working with them. This is also the time to start cultivating intentions for the New Year.  

Think of your dream world as an ocean of potentials -- filled with trillions of seeds.  Each seed is a potential.  If we are able to grab one of these seeds and bring it back with us to this physical world, we can plant it -- planting little seeds of change in our lives.  

What do I mean by seeds of potential?  Well, I believe that dreams are part of the psyche's way of processing unconscious material.  It is not uncommon for people to suppress emotions and feelings -- it is just our way of dealing sometimes.  While we dream, emotions and feelings, and unprocessed material begin to surface, and manifest into our dreams at night.  There is also a spiritual aspect to dreaming.  Some traditional cultures believe that when we dream, our souls are living another life, or are connecting with the spirit realm -- our spirit travels to another realm while we sleep.  Whether we are connecting to a spiritual realm or just trying to process unprocessed psychic material, these experiences can shed insights into who we are trying to become.  These dreams are the seeds of potential. They offer material to work with and by working with this material can help foster transformation or creative breakthroughs.

There are many ways to work with dreams.  It is important to find your own unique process and find what works best for you.  Some people enjoy writing their dreams down, while other people like to express their dreams through art.  Others may like to create a ritual from their dream to make it become alive.  Generally, writing your dreams down is a great first step to becoming more aware of your dream world.   

Try This: 

Before you go to sleep tonight, create a space to sit and meditate -- or maybe just a place to slow down and think.  Quiet your mind and turn inwards for a few minutes.  Think about this time in your life.  What is it like?  What is going on for you? Are there any situations that you would like to change? Are you striving to grow in a certain direction? 

Next, write down on a piece of paper, "This time in my life....

And finish the sentence -- write what has been going on for you.  It may be metaphorical or it can be realistic. Maybe there is a specific situation in your life that is dragging you down.  Maybe your life is a tornado or feels like waves are crashing down. Or maybe life is just shining as bright as the sun for you.  

Before going to sleep, set an intention for your dream world.  "I want to understand this situation better."  Or "I want to find a way out of this situation." Or "What can I do to transform my life right now?" The intention could be anything.  

Upon waking up in the morning, try to write your dream down.  If you are having a hard time remembering what had happened -- try to write down any little bit of content.  It doesn't have to be anything big -- as long as it is something.  Sometimes when you begin to write or pull a small piece from a dream, you can start remembering more pieces.  

After you have your dream written down or drawn out, reflect back on your intention as well as the journal prompt.  Do you notice anything? Has anything shifted? Are there any similarities?  

Go out and dream.  Bring back a seed to plant in your life.  Let's create change!  Sweet dreams! 

Let us know what you think.