A Time To Rest

Fall is here, and it has already begun to snow here in the Green Mountains.  Today started off with a brisk 25 degrees.  It is almost time to start pulling out the winter jackets, sweaters, and boots.  

This summer was busy -- almost too busy to actually keep up with anything.  It felt like one thing after another, and it was tough to stay on task.  With that said though, it has been a fantastic summer -- hosting workshops at Wanderlust Stratton, offering breathwork workshops, and being invited down to the "Gathering of the Elders" festival.  To kick off the fall, SettingSun was invited to Montreal in September to host a Breathwork session at the Psymposia event.  It has been a real treat to work and team up with Psymposia over the past year, and we are very excited to see how our relationship grows together.  

As Fall is upon us, and Winter is just around the corner, it makes me think about the importance and significance of seasonal changes and the impact that they have on the psyche and spirit.  For many creatures, this is the time to get any last minute chores accomplished before they head into hibernation.  I sometimes wish that humans went into hibernation.  

As the cold weather sets in, I naturally begin to slow down and pull back on different different areas of my life.  I dislike the cold sometimes, but I appreciate it because it allows me to rest and focus on my internal process and emotions.  The cold allows me to rest my bones and conserve my energy, and allows me to focus my energy where it is needed.  

Fall and Winter is a time for rest, and a time to reset and re-evaluate current situations in life.  It is a time where the veil between this physical world and the spirit world becomes thinner and our internal processes becomes amplified.  Naturally, we begin to turn inward as the external world becomes darker and coder.  

During this Fall and Winter I intend to focus some of this internal energy towards developing and growing the SettingSun community.  As of right now, SettingSun has been a platform for us to offer Breathwork workshops and other events.  I am hoping to have more time to read and write, and to share my thoughts through this blog.  I haven't been much of a blogger, but this is one area that I would like to grow and expand on.  

I am curious to know what everyone is interested in.  What would you like to hear about?  What sparks your interests and what inspires you?  What type of process do you want to focus on this Winter?   Are there any areas of your life that you want to expand, explore, or develop?  Let us know! 

Many Blessings.