Authentic Healing with Karishma Chawla

Authentic Healing

Karishma Chawla, M.S. LPC joins Kyle on this episode to talk about breathwork, therapy/counseling, psychology and Karishma's therapy practice at Authentic Healing. Karishma shares her experience about her first breathwork session with Kyle and how powerful breathwork was for her. 

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Pathway Towards Wholeness: Openness and moving towards the discomfort. 


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The word “therapist” comes directly from Greek word therapaiea, where it designates a temple attendant whose role was to wait on people who came to lie a temple in order to experience healing dreams, which were an integral part of Hippocratic medicine. - Lenny Gibson

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About Karishma Chawla M.S. LPC 


Karishma Chawla, MS, LPC is a licensed psychotherapist at Authentic Healing, an adjunct professor, photographer, travel junkie & human being in search of uncovering the beauty within herself & the world. She has a devotional, spiritual practice of cultivating a life driven by authenticity, vulnerability & awe. She hopes to finish her book on how to use our impending death to live a meaningful & purposeful life before she dies.