Analyzing The Signs

Have you ever had an experience where the world seems like it is speaking to you?  Maybe you have something significant on your mind and then you look at your phone to notice the time, 11:11.  Are there certain symbols, numbers, animals, or words that stick out to you?  How do you make meaning out of it?  Does it ever just drive you mad just trying to figure out what it all means?  I had a dream a few nights ago that I would like to share: 

I was sitting in my car and I wanted to go somewhere.  I felt stuck and did not have any options.  It felt as if I hit rock bottom and had no supports left in my life.  I began to cry and ask for help.  I threw up my hands and surrendered thinking that there were no options, and that I was going to suffer for the rest of my life.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw a cloud of smoke appear next to me, hovering over the center console of the car.  Then I heard of a voice say, "God presents you with signs all of the time, you just have to be willing to act upon them.  God will present signs to you whenever you need them, but they will not mean anything if you do not engage the signs.  Signs are just that -- signs.  One must act upon them."  

I woke up from this dream feeling pretty emotional.  Upon waking up I thought, "was that just a sign from God or a higher power?  What does it mean?"  I was left processing the dream for most of the day.  It definitely stirred up my inner world of emotions.  

We live in a very external and visually-oriented world.  We are bombarded by signs and messages all the time.  No matter where we look, we will see signs.  Just look around the room that you are in right now.  How many signs or messages do you see?  Do the brands of clothes hanging in the closet mean anything to you?  How about the books on the bookshelf?  We are bombarded by advertisements everywhere and cannot escape it.  

As I am writing this blog, a friend just asked me about getting them discounted tickets to an event.  I told them that I would look into it.  As soon as I thought about emailing the appropriate party, I receive an email from them with information about ticket discounts.  Is that a sign?  Is the universe alive?  How does that even happen?  I guess Carl Jung would suggest it to be a synchronicity.  

I was talking to a teacher of mine about signs from the universe, and they suggested advice that their teacher told them, "Signs are just that, signs.  If you are noticing more signs in the world, you are just becoming more aware that they exist.  You are just waking up to notice that they are there and nothing more."   It is like driving down the highway and noticing a new billboard you never noticed before.  The sign might have always been there, but maybe you were not aware or awake to notice it. 

Ah, the confusion!  It seems like a big puzzle sometimes.  I am starting to realize that maybe my teacher's teacher is right, there are no "signs," but rather that when one notices a sign, he or she is just waking up to the fact that the universe IS alive, and that we create our own signs and meanings.  

It also comes down to action.  We may be presented with signs throughout the day, but do they mean anything if we do not act upon them?  I have been so interested in astrology and the tarot lately, and have been asking the universe for signs and guidance through these practices.  Of course it is always present, but my willingness to engage and take action is weak.  I often become overwhelmed with anxiety or fear.  

My conclusion to this is -- try something new and take action!  Learn to take a risk every once in a while.  The signs that we see on a day-to-day basis, if you are aware to them, are just trying to get you to wake up to the fact that your inner world and inner self wants to be expressed.  There is an energy inside of each and every one of us that wants to be manifested.  It wants to create and give back to the world.  We see and interrupt signs based on this internal energy wanting to become alive.  I know for myself, I do a good job at suppressing this energy due to fear and self-doubt.  I've been learning over the years to try not to over analyze things and to take a risk every once in a while.  I am learning to trust my intuition more.  I am learning to listen to my body and my gut.  If signs are pointing you in a certain direction, why not follow it or explore a little? 

Another teacher of mine once said, "What is the worst that is going to happen, you learn something new about yourself or you learn something new about the world?"  

So, stop analyzing and start doing!  The world is full of wonder and magic, and is waiting for you to explore it.  It won't happen if you're just stuck inside all day wondering if the signs that are being presented to you are true or not.  Take action and explore!