9 Tips For Finding Your Way In Life

9 Tips For Finding Your Way In Life

Let’s face it, life can be utterly confusing at times.  We live in a world that offers so many opportunities at our fingertips that trying to find what path to choose in life can be overwhelming.  The job market may seem low at times, but the amount of technology that we have now has advanced the Western culture in so many different ways -- for good and for bad.  We are living in a new time, much different than older generations, obviously.  With so many new problems in the world today, such as climate change, student loan debt, and over-consumption, etc., it can be difficult to try and figure out what path to take in life to try to fix some of the problems. Here are some tips to start trying to find your way in this crazy and beautiful world.  

  1. Spend Time in Nature: With so much technology, and always being connected, it is hard to relax and enjoy the simple things in life.  Spend some time in nature at least once a week.  The natural world can teach us to slow down and appreciate the small things we have in life.  Plan a hike with a friend, or plan a weekend camping trip.  Disconnect, slow down, and remember that you are part of the natural world.  
  2. Explore New Places: Traveling to new places can help us understand what else is out there in this big world.  If you can save up extra money, plan a trip somewhere new -- somewhere that might take you out of your comfort zone.  If you can’t afford to take a trip somewhere, explore a new place around your area.  Sometimes just hopping in the car and driving around for the day can make all the difference.  There are probably some hidden gems in your backyard that you didn't even know about.  

  3. Get Lost: To piggyback off of exploring new places, sometimes it is helpful to get lost.  Sometimes taking a wrong turn when you’re driving can be nerve racking, but also exciting.  If you’re hiking, go off the beaten path from time to time.  Getting lost can produce anxiety, but being able to find new paths and new ways back can be rewarding.  Be smart about it though.  Don’t go too far off the beaten path.  I don’t advise anyone to get REALLY lost -- just enough that you can find your way back.  

  4. Attend Classes/Workshops/Conferences:  There are so many different workshops, classes, and conferences out there.  This is a good way to start networking and meeting like minded people.  Connecting with people with similar interests can help spark a new path in your life that you could not have imagined.  I've personally done a lot of networking and exploring through conferences -- and it has allowed me to travel to new places, and opened some interesting doors. 

  5. Inner Work:  Find a technique that helps with your own inner-work.  Exploring your own inner world can help you understand who you are as a person.  It can also help foster personal development, and help you understand your relationship with the world.  Try taking a yoga or meditation class.  Some other great inner-work techniques could include; studying astrology, writing/journaling, writing down and analyzing your dreams, talking to a therapist or mentor, participating in a Transpersonal or Holotropic Breathwork workshop.  There are so many different techniques out there -- go out and explore!  

  6. Find Your Passion, Develop Goals, and Shoot for the Stars:  Once you've started exploring your inner-world, create some new goals -- maybe it is challenging yourself to exercise, or finding a new job/career, or maybe it is deciding to go back to school to study something new.  Dreaming up new goals helps to keep us motivated.  Sometimes when we become too stuck in one thing, we forget that there is a whole world out there to explore and interact with.  Also try to figure out what you're passionate about?  What fuels your fire?  Without passion, it is hard to create goals, or figure out what to do or what to reach for.  So get out there and figure out what fuels you and gets you excited!

  7. Remember Your Roots:  Remembering where you came from can be an important lesson while trying to find your way.  Sometimes we get really lost or spend way too much time exploring.  Having balance is good.  If you feel like you are too confused or have opened up too many doors, it can be helpful to retreat back to where you came from.  Our culture typically only grows towards the light (career oriented, money, enlightenment, etc.), and we forget that we have roots to grow too.  Being grounded during your explorations is key.  Don’t forget that you have roots growing in the ground.  

  8. Attend a Festival:  Living in an individualistic culture can sometimes be a lonely journey.  Thankfully, we have festivals all over the place once the summer hits.  Festivals are interesting because it feels archaic.  Late night music sessions, lots of dancing, people twirling fire, and a sense of connection with others.  Festivals remind me of the ancient rituals and ceremonies that many people partook in -- helping a community come together to celebrate life.  

  9. Find Your Community:  Hopefully along your way exploring the world, you will be able to find your little niche and your community.  Having a community of like-minded people can be important at times -- especially when you start feeling lonely or confused on this mysterious journey called life.  Finding and building your community can be beneficial in so many ways -- It can provide support, guidance, advice, inspiration, and can help us feel grounded.  

So what are you waiting for?  Go out and explore this wonderful world. Get lost along the way.  Find beauty and love.  And don’t forget to find your way back home so you can begin the real journey of walking your path.