Psymposia: "Envisioning a Post-Prohibition World" Conference.

This is our first blog entry to the site.  We are excited to be partners with Psymposia this year, as they are hosting their second conference at UMass Amherst.  

Kyle will be sharing a story on Friday night.  He plans to share his story with Holotropic Breathwork and how it is helped him new meaning in his life.  After suffering a near-death experience at the age of 16, Kyle struggled with grounding this powerful experience.  He spent many years researching different spiritual practices and beliefs systems to try and gain new perspectives about the experience of death and dying.  After searching high and low, Kyle ended up becoming very interested in shamanic cultures and different shamanic healing techniques. While at college, Kyle discovered Holotropic Breathwork, a breathing technique that fosters a cathartic release of emotions and stress.  

Check out the Psymposia conference at --  

There will also be live streaming if you can't make it to the conference.  Buy your pass today!