Have you been feeling stuck or overwhelmed in life?  Feeling lost on your journey?  Let's walk together and explore.  SettingSun offers services that can help you find your way again.  

Services Offered:

Transpersonal Breathwork:  Personal sessions, $150 dollars.  Group work $75. 

Transpersonal Coaching:  Have had an experience that knocked you off your path?  An experience that you struggle to put words to?  Maybe it was a mystical or spiritual experience, a psychedelic experience, or maybe something just out of the ordinary.  $75 an hour session via Skype, Google Hang Outs, Zoom, or in person! 

Reiki and Energy Work:  If you are local or around the area, I would love to offer my services in Reiki and shamanic healing work.  $75 for an hour session.