Work with Kyle 

Psychospiritual Peer Support & Education: I have spent time offering peer support in a professional setting to those in crisis. I wish to extend this to those who are seeking guidance on their journey. Have you experienced a spiritual experience and want to talk about it? Are you having difficulty grounding yourself or integrating a certain experience? Do you want to talk about spirituality or need guidance on your spiritual path? I am available via Skype or in person (if applicable). 

Cost: $75/Hour. Sliding scale is available. 

Psychedelic Integration: Like the psychospiritual peer support & education, I offer my time to create space for you to talk about your experiences. Psychedelic experiences can foster profound shifts in consciousness and may foster a spiritual/mystical experience. Sometimes these experiences can leave us feeling ungrounded and confused. Are you looking to work with your experience or want to move it forward? Are you having trouble integrating a difficult experience? I would be honored to walk with you as you learn how to integrate these experiences. Again, I am available via Skype or in person depending on your location. 

Cost: $75/Hour. Sliding scale is available. 

Personal Development and Journeywork: Are you feeling stuck or confused? Are you looking for a change or seeking healing? I would be honored to assist you on your journey. Personal development and journeywork is extremely personal and there is no one-size-fits-all model. Let's work together to create something new. We will use techniques of self-discovery such as breathwork, shamanic journeying, meditation, dreamwork, and more! This work can be powerful if facilitated in a group setting. If you wish to get a personal development group together or individual work, contact me. I am available in person in Northwestern New Jersey. 

Cost: Email for details

Education/Presentations/Workshops: Are you looking for a presenter on health, wellness, spirituality, spiritual emergence, shamanism, energy healing, or breathwork? Are you looking for someone to host a workshop in personal development or self-discovery? Email me and let's work together to see what I can offer you! 

**Please note, I do not offer services to those in crisis. If you are experiencing an emergency, please seek medical attention immediately. I also do not offer counseling session or diagnosis pathology or illness. I am simply offering peer support to those seeking an alternative. I do not claim to "heal" or "cure" disease, illness (physical or mental). I offer my support, guidance, wisdom, and knowledge that I have gained over the years in my education, clinical experiences, and life experiences. 

Self-discovery may foster or promote healing, clarity, creativity, and may be extremely beneficial. 

If you wish to work with me, please fill out the form to contact me. I am looking forward to being your guide and working with you! Many blessings!

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