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Education/Presentations/Workshops: Are you looking for a presenter on health, wellness, spirituality, spiritual emergence, shamanism, energy healing, or breathwork? Are you looking for someone to host a workshop in personal development or self-discovery? Email me and let's work to create a vision together! Please check my Bio for information of past workshops/presentations. 

Psychospiritual Peer Support and Coaching: Professionally, I have offered peer support to those in the midst of crisis or experiencing extreme states. I have years of experience with non-ordinary states of consciousness through working with my near-death experience and the spontaneous experiences afterwards, Holotropic Breathwork, shamanic journeying, energy work, and with plant medicines.

If you have had a difficult experience or are still trying to integrate an experience, I offer my time to support you through your process.

**I do not offer psychotherapy or counseling, instead I offer an open ear to listen to your story and offering the wisdom and knowledge that has come from my experiences in the past.

I do charge for my time: $75/hour. I do consider sliding scale fees. Please email me. 

If you wish to work with me, please fill out the form to contact me at or fill out the form below. I am looking forward to being your guide and working with you! Many blessings!


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