Is There Really Such a Thing as “The Perfect Diet?”

Is there really such a thing as “The Perfect Diet?”

Some people focus on being very careful about eating while some have a more relaxed attitude toward food. Some people are healthy eating animal food while others thrive on a vegetarian or vegan diet. Which is correct? It’s difficult to find substantive nutrition information. Bestselling diet books often disagree with each other. The more extreme the diet, the more copies it sells.

Who do you rely on for good, solid nutrition advice?

Human beings, like every species, know that what they eat changes everything. Over time people experimented, made mistakes, and slowly have started to realize that diets don’t really work. You can’t tell people what kind of relationship to be in or what kind of movies and music they’re going to enjoy. Why is it acceptable to tell people what kind of food they should be eating? Food must be about the individual, not about the theory. One person’s food is another person’s poison. Understand what foods you’re attracted to and why.

We are an intelligent nation, but we’ve outsmarted our own eating intuition. The last place we look to determine what to eat is inside our heart. When people want to determine what to eat, they really need to look and understand themselves.


Men and women eat differently. What works for women, may or may not work for men. People can become ill by having certain dietary choices forced or pressured onto them.


People eat very differently at different ages. Consider the fuel you require to help determine your future.


Everyone has a genetic predisposition to eat the foods from the country where our ancestors grew up. What are your safe foods? What foods feed the body and the soul?


Your age, culture, and gender also link to cravings. Understand how to deconstruct cravings by experimenting with similar foods or building small amounts into your diet.

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