Lucas has been my right-hand man for the past few years. Lucas and I have been facilitating Transpersonal Breathwork workshops, cacao gatherings, shamanic journeywork workshops, and was also a hike leader with me at Wanderlust Stratton. Recently, Lucas and I completed a Spiritual Emergence Coaching program together, and hope to share our wisdom, knowledge, and experiences with others. 

 While raising a diverse range of plants and animals on a small homestead in the Green Mountains of Vermont, Lucas dove deep into his psyche for the answers to questions many people no longer bother to ask. He emerged from the woods with a number of tools gathered from various ancient and contemporary traditions. This has led him to the far corners of his inner and outer worlds in anticipation of bringing back tools for helping others along their own healing paths. Lucas’ primary interest lies in plant medicines and how they can be guides for transforming our health, our minds, and our planet. Lucas traveled to Guatemala and explored the healing powers of cacao. This amazing plant ally remains a keystone of Lucas’ inner work. Lucas also has a keen interest in Holotropic Breathwork, shamanic drumming, sacred geometry and other “technologies of the sacred.” It is from these various perspectives that Lucas wishes to share with others.