Ayla Yandow, BA, Certified Health Coach: Ayla and I connected at a Holotropic Breathwork retreat in Vermont. Since then. Ayla has been walking this path of self-discovery and healing alongside of me. Ayla is dedicated to help heal people through food and nutrition. Ayla's also offers healthy recipes and writes about holistic health for our blog.  

After healing herself and avoiding serious brain surgery through diet and lifestyle changes, Ayla is now a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with a mission to help others discover the power of healing in their own lives. Ayla runs her own coaching and teaching business called Wicked Wild Wellness in Burlington, Vermont and online, sharing tips, recipes, personal stories and insights and support for those on their own journey towards better health and happiness.

To learn more about what Ayla offers or to work with Ayla as a Certified Health Coach feel free to check out her website here: Green Mountain Health Coaching