No Time for Inner Life:  If people find no room in their lives to pray or meditate, to reflect deeply on why they have been created and what they must do with their lives, and to listen with all of their being to the guidance of the universe, then those people are like birds who have not yet learned to fly.  All the parts of the bird are present, but something is still missing.  To be a whole person is to be alive in a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual way (Bopp, 1984, p. 56).

SettingSun is a wellness group based in Burlington, Vermont.  SettingSun embodies a holistic approach to wellness and offers a variety of workshops ranging from wellness hikes and cacao ceremonies to Transpersonal Breathwork.  Some other interests include:

  • Psychology — traditional and nontraditional.
  • Shamanism and Indigenous Traditions
  • Death & Dying
  • Herbalism and Plant Medicine
  • Storytelling and Narrative Therapy
  • Ethnobotany
  • Breathwork
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Cacao Ceremonies

SettingSun focuses on integrating indigenous wisdom and tradition into the modern world — helping to create a balance between the realms of science and spirituality.  SettingSun is interested in understanding the similarities between these two viewpoints, and hopes to create understanding and wholeness.

SettingSun strives to create a community of health and healing by connecting and sharing local resources of local healers and teachers from around the area.  Please contact us at — or connect with us via Facebook.


Who We Are: 



Kyle’s journey in transpersonal psychology began when he was sixteen years old, when he suffered a near-death experience due to a traumatic snowboarding accident.  This event changed the trajectory of his life.  Kyle received his B.A. in Integral Psychology with a focus in Transpersonal Psychology at Burlington College.  During his time at Burlington College, Kyle researched and explored the potential benefits of non-ordinary states of consciousness, and how they could be used to help foster healing, creativity, and self-exploration and discovery.  Kyle focused on two main topics during his years of study — Holotropic Breathwork and shamanic healing techniques.  These two interests have been the foundation of creating SettingSun. 

Kyle studied and practiced Holotropic Breathwork with the guidance of Holotropic Breathwork facilitators, Lenny and Elizabeth Gibson.  Kyle also studied shamanism, ecopsychology, narrative therapy, and Reiki energy healing with shamanic practitioner and psychotherapist, Michael Watson, and Reiki master and expressive art therapist, Jennie Kristel.  Kyle received his Level 2 Reiki attunement.

Recently, Kyle has been working in the mental health field.  He was a shift supervisor at a residential home that specialized in crisis stabilization for teenagers for a year, and now works as a support staff for individuals experiencing "first-break" psychosis.  This work has taught Kyle the importance of creating a safe container while individuals explore their inner worlds.   A safe container can foster transformation and growth.


Shaina Levee, M.A., is a practicing healer, birth doula, and psychotherapist in the Burlington area with credentials from DONA, Naropa University, and Reiki Master. She is an avid Tai Chi Chuan practitioner of the Tung Academy, gardener, and artist. As a project person, she is full of beneficial activity. Her latest projects are Tao-I Designs- offering eco-conscious clothing with visionary art printed in non-toxic inks and produced in Vermont; and nourishing inner transformation for families and women in labor.

She received her masters in transpersonal psychology from Naropa in 2011 while living in Peru and India. Her masters thesis on indigenous Andean initiation and Dr. Stanislav Grof’s research on holotropic states of consciousness is forthcoming publication in the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology (July 2015). While in Peru, she worked closely with Hatun Q’eros elders in their traditional medicine path, and educated Westerners on Andean ontology.

At 21, she came down with malaria. The near-death experience opened her eyes to a vast world of spiritual insight. Since then, she has devoted her life to realizing the self-evolving principle known by many names in many cultures. Over a 7 year period she traveled extensively, aiding community projects around the world and dipping into the wisdom pool of spiritual traditions. She landed in Vermont and embraced the Green Mountains as home in July 2011.



After watching her father cure himself of stage-3 cancer through natural methods, Ayla has dedicated the last four years of her life to learning everything she can about health and healing in all its forms. Throughout the last few years, Ayla has worked as a raw, vegan chef at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Arizona, managed an organic juice bar in Whistler, Canada, traveled to over 15 different countries to various communities learning about sustainable living, culture, alternative and ancient medicine and shamanism, all while weaving each of these pieces into her college studies. Ayla is now starting up her own small business helping people to become more self-sustainable, build stronger local communities and live healthier more integrative lives.


While raising a diverse range of plants and animals on a small homestead in the Green Mountains of Vermont, Lucas dove deep into his psyche for the answers to questions many people no longer bother to ask. He emerged from the woods with a number of tools gathered from various ancient and contemporary traditions. This has led him to the far corners of his inner and outer worlds in anticipation of bringing back tools for helping others along their own healing paths. Lucas’ primary interest lies in plant medicines and how they can be guides for transforming our health, our minds, and our planet. On a recent trip to Guatemala, Lucas explored the healing powers of cacao and this amazing plant ally remains a keystone of Lucas’ inner work. Lucas also has a keen interest in Holotropic Breathwork, shamanic drumming, sacred geometry and other “technologies of the sacred”. It is from these various perspectives that Lucas wishes to share with others.