I had a great experience with Kyle at the Breathwork Workshop. It was definitely something I’ve never experienced before I appreciated everything that we learned and felt. Kyle is a very warm and friendly person and I definitely recommend any of his workshops he has to offer! Thank you!!
— Rachael R. | Vermont

I have attended two of Kyle’s Transpersonal Breath Work Circles and they are simply amazing! Each one has presented a different experience in a warm and safe environment. I plan on continuing to attend Kyle’s circles! See you there.
— Yvonne D. | New Jersey

I had a phenomenal experience yesterday at Prana for Peace in Stillwater, NJ. Kyle Buller hosted a fantastic Transpersonal Breathwork workshop. The deep meditation I went through was definitely an out of body experience. As soon as I fell into a deep trance my body felt very relaxed but my mind was somewhere else. My imagination started running like wild. Throughout the 3 hours, a saw strobes several times, which has never happened to me before. The trance music helped guide the meditation and brought me to different places, but I felt grounded the whole time. I would recommend this Breathwork workshop to anyone who is feeling anxious or stressed out. After leaving I felt very relaxed. Kyle has improved his teaching techniques dramatically since last year.
Again I would recommend this workshop to anyone feeling stressed out or anxious.
— Russell R. | New Jersey

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