About Kyle

At the age of sixteen, Kyle suffered a near-death experience which almost took his life. After this traumatic accident, Kyle’s life changed and he began seeing the world through a new lens. The world and his life did not make sense anymore, nor did the world look the same. This loss of self-pushed Kyle to seek a path of self-discovery and healing.

Kyle’s interest in consciousness research and the healing potential of exceptional human experiences led Kyle to pursue a degree in Transpersonal Psychology. During his undergraduate years he focused on learning about ancient wisdom traditions and their healing techniques such as shamanism, plant medicine, meditation, yoga, and breathwork.

Throughout the recent years, Kyle has been moving life experiences and skills forward by offering support to those in need. Kyle has worked in the mental health field for the past three years supporting at-risk teenagers and individuals experiencing an early-episode of psychosis. Most recently, Kyle has pulled back from working with individuals in residential settings to focus on graduate school, where he is studying clinical mental health counseling and somatic psychology. Kyle facilitates Transpersonal Breathwork and shamanic journeywork workshops. He also recently completed a Spiritual Emergence Coaching program to provide group support for those interested in spiritual emergence.

Experiences, Skills, & Highlights

·         BA Transpersonal Psychology (Burlington College, 2013)

·         Clinical and Professional Experience with at-risk teenagers and individuals experiencing an early-episode of psychosis (Vermont, 2013-2016).

·         Reiki Attunement Level 1 & Level 2 with Jennie Kristel (Burlington, VT)

·         Shamanic Healing Techniques with Michael Watson (Burlington, VT)

·         Holotropic Breathwork with Lenny and Elizabeth Gibson (Vermont, October 2010-present) and Stanislav Grof (Kripula, 2011)

·         Transpersonal Breathwork Training with Lenny and Elizabeth Gibson (Vermont, October 2010-present)

·         Spiritual Emergence Coach (How to Effectively Help Someone in Spiritual Emergency) with Emma Bragdon (Massachusetts, 2016) -- http://imhu.org/coaching/directory/

·         Psychedelic Integration

·         Plant Medicine: Learned basic plant medicine with a local Abenaki elder (Vermont, 2011) and with Kat Harrison (Hawaii, 2012)

·         Intentional Peer Support (Vermont, 2015)

·         A Harm Reducition Approach to Coming off Psyche Drugs with Will Hall and Oryx Cohen (Vermont, 2015)

·         Alternatives to Suicide Trainer with Western Mass Recovery Learning (Vermont, 2015)

·         Re-visioning Madness Conference with Michael Cornwall and David Lukoff (Esalen, 2015)

·         MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy Workshop with Michael and Annie Mithoefer at the Psychedelic Science Conference (Oakland, 2013)

 Presentations/Teachings & Workshops

·         Psymposia: Re-visioning a Post-Prohibition World (Amherst, Mass, 2015) Presented a talk about the psychedelic experience, the near-death experience and Holotropic Breathwork

·         Wanderlust Stratton: Hike leader at Wanderlust Stratton – shamanic journeywork and breathwork hikes (Vermont, 2015 & 2016) 

·         Psymposia: Transpersonal Breathwork workshop at an event Psymposia hosted (Montreal, 2015)

·         Moving Towards Wholeness: Exploring and Integrating Spiritual Emergence and Other Extraordinary Experiences: Presented a talk on spiritual emergence/emergencies and other extraordinary experiences and my own personal journey. (California Institute of Integral Studies, 2015).

·         Introduction to Transpersonal Breathwork: An introduction to Stan Grof's theories, Holotropic Breathwork, and a mini breathwork session(Vermont, 2014-2015)

·         Stanislav Grof’s Psychology of Extraordinary Experiences: Created this 3-credit class at Burlington College and co-taught it with Lenny and Elizabeth Gibson (Vermont, 2013)

·         History of Psychedelics: co-taught with Lenny Gibson at Burlington College (Vermont, 2014)