Spiritual Emergence


What is Spiritual Emergence?

The term "spiritual emergency" was coined by Stanislav and Christina Grof. The term, as the Grof's mention, is a play on words. The word "emergency" suggests a psychological or spiritual crisis, but it also hints towards an opportunity to "emerge" from the crisis -- accessing and gaining a higher level of spiritual and psychological awareness

Spiritual Emergence or Psychosis Webinar

If you're interested in learning more about whether or not you may be experiencing a spiritual emergency or psychosis, check out this free webinar - Spiritual Emergence or Psychosis

What you will learn:

  • What is schizophrenia/psychosis

  • Alternative ways to view mental health issues

  • The difference between spiritual emergence and spiritual emergency

  • Past/present treatment options for someone experiencing "extreme states" or a spiritual emergence

  • Spiritual emergence resources

4-Week Spiritual Emergence Online Group 

To learn more about our up-coming 4-week online support group, please sign up for our newsletter! We will announce our next launch date. 

Awakenings Healers: Your Guide to Understanding and Supporting Spiritual Emergence

Join Kyle Buller, M.S. and Michelle Anne Hobart, M.A. for this upcoming course and support group! Learn more below.

Awakening Healers: Your Guide To Understanding and Supporting Spiritual Emergence

In this time of transformation, many of us are being called into action through traumatic events such as near-death experiences or psychic openings, psychedelic/plant medicine experiences, and spontaneous or induced extraordinary states into Spiritual Emergence. We are the Healers Awakening, and all of us are needed!

Art/Photo: “Liberation” by Michael Benisty

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Spiritual Emergence Coaching

Please sign up for the Spiritual Emergence or Psychosis webinar. On the Teachable platform, there is an option for a one-hour Skype call. After watching the webinar and scheduling a call, we can assess your needs together. There is also an option for group peer-support calls. Learn more below.

Spiritual Emergence Online Support Group

We will be hosting numerous online support groups. For more information about the online groups, please check out our online support Facebook Group or be check out our Events page for upcoming group calls.