Breath is the life force. Psyche is the soul. Soma is the body that contains it all. 

The Latin word spiritus translates to "breath" and "spirit" in English.  The Greek word pneuma also describes the word "breath" and the spirit of a person. The word for breath and spirit has been used interchangeably throughout various cultures. The breath is the life force. 

Psyche, also psūkhē in Greek, translates to "soul," "spirit," and also "breath." The psyche is the soul. As the Jungian psychologist James Hillman suggests, the psyche is the creative and imaginary life force. 

The Greek word, sōma refers to "body." Soma is also commonly known as an ancient intoxicating Vedic drink that produces immortality. 

Breath|Psyche|Soma is about exploring the breath as a vehicle to awaken the soul and to become embodied. Breathwork is a powerful technique that can foster self-exploration, self-discovery and healing. When the psyche is fractured and the soul is disembodied, we need techniques that bring awareness back to the body and to restore wholeness. 

Come explore the power of breath!